City Helmet Series : San Francisco

I was recently invited to be part of a project called The City Helmet Series in collaboration with Oregon Manifest's Bike Design Project and ARTCRANK. Being a fan of most things bicycle related I was happy to get in the mix.

The objective was to create a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind helmet (canvas provided by Nutcase Helmets) that represented the essence of cycling in San Francisco. After toying around with a few different ideas I kept coming back to my old friends the painted ladies, the SF fog and the hard to miss pigeons that seem to inhabit every street corner.

The result was my interpretation of the fun, colorful, whimsical side of San Francisco. Hipster pigeons on bikes racing by SF's signature painted ladies as the fog inevitably drifts in.

If you are curious about my process you can get a window into my studio here: 

My piece was the third in a series of five artists representing San Francisco, Portland, New York, Seattle, Chicago

If you happen to live in the Bay Area please come out and join me on July 25th when they raffle off my helmet at the SF bike design reveal party to benefit  Oregon Manifest's bike advocacy partner, Pedal Revolution/New Door Ventures!

Here are the when's and where's:

PCH / Lime Lab : 6-9:30 PM

135 Mississippi Street
San Francisco, CA 94107