Let's start at the very beginning...it's a very good place to start

Today is a good day. Today there is an animal parade pounding their drums and blowing their horns from the rooftops. At least that is the image I have in my head, and it is colorful and loud and joyous.

Today I am launching my new website and blog. It has been a lot of work getting to this point and I have had so much help and support along the way. Thank you to all those people who have encouraged me, including the woman who works at the Post Office who told me if I didn't do my thing and put myself out there I was crazy.

I hope that this is a place where you can come to take a break from your day and look at something nice or read something that gives you pause.

Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, sketches, projects and everyday inspiration with you.